Marque & Sarah Garaux Workshop

From May 19 – 21, please join us for a 3 day Ashtanga yoga and Mysore workshop led by Marque & Sarah Garaux from Great Lakes Ashtanga Yoga. This workshop is a great opportunity to explore the Ashtanga Yoga method. Persons new to Ashtanga will walk away a great understanding about the practice and traditional Mysore method and experienced yogis will be able to revisit or explore things they are working on in their practice.


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For current Climb Cleveland members, the cost of the full weekend is $100. For non-members, the cost is $150, which includes a free month membership to Climb Cleveland. You may also sign up for the workshops individually. Please see the schedule below.


Friday May 19, 6-8pm

Introduction to the Ashtanga Method – Surya Namaskara

The Yoga Makaranda, the oldest-known yogic text to describe the Sun Salutation sequence, was written in 1934 by T. Krishnamacharya. He was the teacher of K. Pattabhi Jois (founder of the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute) and B.K.S. Iyengar (founder of Iyengar Yoga) and it is these two that gave birth to almost all of today’s modern practices. During this workshop, Marque will provide an introduction to the Mysore method of Ashtanga yoga – the tradition, how it is different than much of the yoga we see today, as well as the benefits.  He will then teach you the mind and body benefits of the sun salutation (surya namaskara) and a 6 day a week practice. You will be led through the classic forms of the sun A and sun B. Additionally we will explore other more challenging ways of moving through the float forward and float back transitions that can be used to create unbelievable strength to your personal practice. Whether you have practiced for a month, a year or a decade this is a workshop that you will not want to miss.


Saturday May 20, 10am-12pm


Come experience the Mysore room with Marque and Sarah!  Our Climb Cleveland yoga teachers, Becca and Ashley, will be there to assist.


Saturday May 20, 12:30-2:30pm

Lift Up: The Art of Arm Balancing and Floating

As with any art form, you must first learn the foundational rules before you can go on to break them. In this workshop Marque will explain the key components required to build an amazing arm balance practice. By diving deep into the most basic and essential movements you will begin to feel and understand the strength and stability that is being created within. This understanding of strength and balance is how we will begin to learn the coveted float through.


Sunday May 21, 12-2pm


Come experience the Mysore room with Marque and Sarah!  Our Climb Cleveland yoga teachers, Becca and Ashley, will be there to assist.


Sunday May 21, 2:30-4:30pm

Intelligent Backbending

After a thorough warm up Marque will begin leading you through some gentle backbends to help lengthen the spine and draw awareness to what is happening within. You will then take an in depth look at unhealthy vs healthy backbends, learn to recognize the differences both visually and more importantly how they feel in your body. Once you are more informed about your backbending, you will be able to learn the steps required to deepen them safely. We will also be exploring the mysteries of dropping back and standing up as well as some of the second series backbends.



Marque Garaux, a long time rock climber and outdoor enthusiast, discovered Ashtanga Yoga while seeking different ways to alleviate his lower back pain.  After noticing an almost immediate physical change, Marque slowly began to see other positive changes happening in his life as well. With no Ashtanga teachers in the area, he found himself with no choice but to get up early and practice at home 6 days a week.  During this time Marque also attended a 200 teacher training and several Ashtanga workshops and intensives to deepen his understanding of this beautiful system.

In the fall of 2014 Marque decided to follow in the footsteps of the teachers that he most respected and applied for study at the K. Patthbi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute (KPJAYI). Marque was accepted and spent the beginning of 2015 in Mysore, India learning under the guidance of R. Sharath Jois. Marque left India full of admiration and gratitude for his new teacher and has made return trips to Mysore in 2016 and 2017.

Today, Marque owns and operates Great Lakes Ashtanga Yoga in Geneva, Ohio. Marque, his wife and their rescued Indian street dog, Chai, love to travel whether for a weekend climbing trip or to share their love of yoga.



Workshop Schedule

Friday – May 19
Sun Salutaions

Saturday – May 20

The “Lift Up”

Sunday – May 21