Bouldering Basics

We love new climbers!

Everyone has to start somewhere. We know climbing can sometimes be intimidating, but every climber started as a beginner. You too can climb, you just need to show up.

Climb Cleveland offers classes that teach climbing techniques and tricks. Our classes are formulated for climbers of all levels. We want you to learn but we also want you to have fun!





Heavy Hands

Get stronger and prevent injury.

Join us every Wednesday and Saturday for Heavy Hands: a workout routine created by our owner Chick Holtkamp. This routine uses dumbells and movement to create oppositional/antagonistic muscle training.


Class Times

6pm-7pm (Bouldering Classes)


8pm-8:30pm (Heavy Hands)


7:30pm-8:30pm (Talk Training with Chick)



10:30am-11am (Heavy Hands)



6pm-8pm (Crack Climbing)


Bouldering Basics – $30

This includes shoes (if needed) and climbing for the rest of the day.

 No need to sign up in advance, but we do suggest arriving 15 minutes early