Blues Dancing

What we now call the sport of rock climbing used to often be thought of as dancing up rocks.

Fluidity of movement, balance, and use of both body mechanics and physics are all crossover skills to both genres of movement. We think dancing is a natural fit for climbers, offering an opportunity to:

  • Expand body awareness
  • Increase mobility
  • Grow confidence
  • Develop excellent partner communication
  • Build another physical practice that is accessible to you forever
  • Broaden your community

We’re also here to have a lot of fun. In social dancing, nothing is choreographed – each dance is created on the spot by the people who are dancing. We think this is pretty amazing! And sometimes impromptu dancing happens.

All classes are on-site. Join us in another awesome way to improve your fitness, build community, and increase your skills.


Class Times



$7 non-members

Free for members